Du Pont Telecom provides one communication solution for mines, above and below ground

Du Pont Telecom provides one communication solution for mines, above and below ground 2021-04-12T19:29:20+00:00

Get a single communication solution designed specifically for mining applications from Du Pont Telecom. We use equipment that is industrial, hardened, waterproof and dustproof. It is specifically designed for the mining industry to operate in harsh environments for underground and surface operations. We bridge above ground and below ground communication to deliver enterprise level services to below ground environments. Du Pont creates solutions by integrating disparate products, using Mine Site Technologies (MST) as a foundation. This delivers the requisite mining grade solution for your environment, with benefits such as:

  • Value chain management
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Operational efficiency
  • Increased safety
  • Resource management
  • Cost reduction

Given the range of solutions within the Du Pont Telecoms group, we are differentiated in our ability to integrate systems and provide consulting advice to enable you to extract maximum value from the solution you require. We are a systems integrator and solutions architect. We are the premier infrastructure supplier to support mining automation objectives.


In creating this set of mine site technology solutions, Du Pont Telecom sought partners who are global leaders in their fields of mining technology solutions. We selected Vintonet for their industry specialist knowledge and their ability to deploy products from Mine Site Technologies. In this way, Vintonet and MST are ideally suited to the Du Pont group as their product range complements our range of communication solutions. That is a combination of hardware and software solutions covering IP-PBX, Gateways (Universal, VoIP, GSM) and Terminals, Access Control, Time-Attendance Systems, Video Surveillance Systems and Fire Alarm Systems. We ensure that these products enable us to offer solutions that are reliable, feature-rich and compliant with international standards.

Range of communication solutions for mines
We now offer the following Mine Site Technologies products:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Personnel and asset tracking
  • A vehicle intelligence platform (VIP)
  • Proximity detection

This Mine Site Technology communication solution, adds to the suite of office automation, voice and data communication solutions that Du Pont Telecom already provides across South Africa.

Network Infrastructure

The product range we selected, ImPact, is designed to deliver a robust, multi-service underground network. Using innovative wireless access points and network switches, and combining them with existing underground network nodes enables you to extend your existing mine network into current or new mine areas, simply and cost effectively. The devices do support industry standards. They provide a solution to the challenge of limited power underground by using a composite cable, acting as a power distribution system. It also carries the optic fibre data cores. The devices operate as low as 10V enabling usage at the end of long cable runs without the need to inject power. Wi-Fi hotspots devices have built-in tag reading capabilities supporting two W-Fi radio cards, which allows monitoring of travel direction.

Personnel & Asset Tracking

The ImPact personnel and asset tracking solution enables accurate tracking, increased personnel safety and provides a vital aid to emergency management. The system utilizes Wireless Access Points to indicate the location and movement of vehicles, assets and personnel when RFID tags are used. The tag’s unique identification data is read each time it passes a Wireless Access Point. This data is logged to the database and displayed in the desired format, allowing the location to be displayed at all times, throughout the mine. When using the optional web based viewer, location and movement data can be combined with user-defined rules to trigger a desired action. The tags use a 2.4GHz signal which propagates extremely well in an underground environment increasing the accuracy and reliability of tag reads. The wireless points can be configured to work with a single radio for presence detection or with two radios and directional antennas to determine the direction of travel. As a safety measure, in the unlikely event that surface communications are lost, the wireless points have the ability to display tag read data on underground signs and stores it in a cache to be replayed when the network link is restored. The tracking solution can be integrated into other systems to provide diesel token monitoring, access and ventilation control and traffic management

Vehicle Intelligence Platform (VIP)

The ImPact VIP system is designed to extract and combine vehicle data with location information. This combined data is sent, wirelessly to a central server for interrogation and access with MST’s simple web based viewing software of other compatible third party applications. This provides simple access to the data required to make accurate decisions affecting the productivity of a mine and ultimately reducing the cost per tonne. The innovative design of the VIP unit enables seamless integration with major vehicle manufacturers’ proprietary systems. Once installed, the unit will constantly monitor and log data in real time from a variety of sources on the vehicle including the strategically placed location tags. Software manages the information upload from each VIP module managing the network bandwidth and preventing congestion. The VIP unit also acts as a data logger. If a vehicle travels to an area outside of network coverage, data will be stored for up to seven days. The stored data is collected immediately when a vehicle returns to a network covered zone.

Proximity Detection

The ImPact Proximity Detection system is designed to significantly reduce the interactions of vehicle to person and vehicle to vehicle by providing an early indication to vehicle operators of the number of vehicles and personnel present in the vicinity. Central to the system is the powerful VIP unit which constantly monitors the detection zone and reads tag signals. The system was designed using extensive consultation with vehicle operators and mine safety personnel. It is intended to provide the highest level of safety and reliability, while taking into account operator comfort and rugged mine conditions. The customisable audio and visual alert is triggered when the ‘Zone’ around the vehicle is breached. Detected tags can be silenced either individually or simultaneously, by simply touching the rugged, in-cab screen. The system uses state-of-the-art Wi-Fi RFID tags and because the Wi-Fi signals propagate especially well underground, operators are able to “see around corners” so they are not compromised by someone suddenly entering their roadway.

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